The Kingdom – Jess Rothenberg ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

It’s a fast-pace, page-turning sci-fi fantasy that takes you along for a thrilling ride.

Welcome to the Kingdom, a dazzling fantasy theme park where ‘happily ever after’ is not just a promise, but a rule . . .

The Kingdom is a place where technology helps dreams come to life. Formerly extinct species roam the park, and twelve beautiful ‘Fantasists’ – half-human, half-android princesses – entertain visitors and make wishes come true.

But this fairytale ends in murder, and now Ana, one of the twelve Fantasists, is in the dock after finding herself experiencing emotions and romantic feelings against all her programming

I was intrigued by this book with it being described as a Westworld-esque story. The story follows Ana, both from her first hand account and then further accounts in the form of court transcripts. It seems scattered at first but it’s easy to follow.

I did really enjoy this story, it makes you question the definition of humanity and morality. These Fantasists, while they aren’t human technically but hybrids are still objectified and treated as such. As you read though, you discover that each of the sisters are more than the sum of their parts so to speak.

Overall, The Kingdom is extremely well written in a refreshing way. The timeline is easy to follow and you really root for these characters. They are smart and I am so intrigued to see where this story goes. I did guess the ending as I was reading, more so for the fact that it was how I wanted the book to end and I was thrilled it went that way.

If you’re a fan of Westworld, The Illuminae Files or just want something super refreshing to read, get this book.

It’s a fast-pace, page-turning sci-fi fantasy that takes you along for a thrilling ride.

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