The Last Smile in Sunder City – Luke Arnold ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

A magical murder mystery full of raw grief, deception and acceptance.

Welcome to Sunder City. The magic is gone but the monsters remain.

I’m Fetch Phillips, just like it says on the window. There are a few things you should know before you hire me:

1. Sobriety costs extra.

2. My services are confidential.

3. I don’t work for humans.

It’s nothing personal–I’m human myself. But after what happened, to the magic, it’s not the humans who need my help.

Thank you so much @orbitbooks_uk for this copy to review!

Such an interesting, gritty story and the world building was something else! I always appreciate the depth you can go into with magical systems and this one is definitely up there with the most thought out and interesting systems I’ve come across. You have humans, elves, vampires, werewolves, sirens, demons and a whole host of wonderful magical creatures. 

I really like Fetch’s character, he’s not trying to be a hero but is doing his best in this new world. He’s rough, drinks too much but deep down he’s a good’un. He is unapologetically flawed and oh is he suffering, I love that you get little bits of his story while everything else is going on. It makes the story so much fuller and adds to the idea that this is a rich and diverse world.

The world is set up in such a way that after the collapse of magic, those whose lives relied on magic suffered, they either died straight away or were affected in some other ways. Vampires lost their fangs, werewolves are stuck halfway through their transition, Elves age caught up with them and they all blame the humans for their suffering.

Fetch only works for non-humans, no matter what their request. His latest one which is the main story within this book is that of a missing vampire. This vampire was well liked and seemed to have adapted to this new world better than most. So why did he vanish? That’s Fetch’s job to find out and what he discovers is truly shocking.

It’s a magical murder mystery full of raw grief, deception and acceptance. The creatures and the descriptions are vivid and oftentimes the book reads like a movie in your head. I could almost see Fetch sat at that Angel door looking down on the street. Brilliant, utterly brilliant.

I really hope this is the start of Fetch’s journey. I’d love to read more.

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