All the Stars and Teeth – Adalyn Grace ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

This was a really fun, dark, immersive and adventurous book. I loved it and hope you do too!

As princess of the island kingdom Visidia, Amora Montara has spent her entire life training to be High Animancer-the master of souls. The rest of the realm can choose their magic, but for Amora, it’s never been a choice. To secure her place as heir to the throne, she must prove her mastery of the monarchy’s dangerous soul magic.

When her demonstration goes awry, Amora is forced to flee. She strikes a deal with Bastian, a mysterious pirate: he’ll help her prove she’s fit to rule, if she’ll help him reclaim his stolen magic. But sailing the kingdom holds more wonder-and more peril-than Amora anticipated.

A destructive new magic is on the rise, and if Amora is to conquer it, she’ll need to face legendary monsters, cross paths with vengeful mermaids, and deal with a stow-away she never expected… or risk the fate of Visidia and lose the crown forever.

I absolutely adored this book. There are certain books which hook you from the get go and this is one of them. 

Welcome to Arida! Amora Montara is the heir to the Kingdom and is training to take over from her father to become the High Animancer – the master of souls. Amora has one final hurdle to overcome and that is a live performance of her soul magic, proving that she has mastered it and is fit to reign.

Her performance goes horribly wrong, she’s imprisoned and to redeem herself and prove that she is fit to rule, she teams up with a pirate called Bastian and together, they flee Arida. 

Amora has always wanted to sail the seas to see the Kingdom she will one day rule but in doing so, she sees that things aren’t quite as she pictured. The Kingdom is in ruin and a dangerous magic is rising and it’s down to Amora to save them all.

The characterisation in this book is brilliant, they have great depth and you cannot help but be swept away by them. I particularly love Amora, Bastian and Vataea. Amora is really relatable and has a brilliant arc. She’s forced to make some hard decisions and has a strong moral compass. Amora wants to redeem her family’s name and save the Kingdom from this new threat. Bastian is super loveable, he starts off as a mysterious pirate but has great growth over the course of the book. I love his relationship with Amora and how they mirror each other. I think there’s much more of Bastian yet to come. Vataea might be my favourite, who doesn’t love a kick ass mermaid? She has every reason to distrust humans and exact revenge but she is honourable and keeps her word. She’s intelligent and I cannot wait to see where her story goes.

The world building is brilliant, the Kingdom feel so rich and while there are a few Islands, each with it’s own magic and representation, it’s super easy to follow with the beautiful map and handy key at the front of the book. I like how each Island is represented by a gemstone and as such, the people from those places wear the colours to differentiate themselves and their abilities.

Abilities wise, I love Ferrick’s powers of restoration, being able to heal people as well as chop your arm off for your friend, that’s a great party trick! The different magic systems within the Kingdom are interesting too and I like that we learn more about them over the course of the book.

Amazing, amazing, amazing – I cannot wait to dive back in to Arida and see where this story goes. I need book 2 now!

This was a really fun, dark, immersive and adventurous book. I loved it and hope you do too!

A definite must-read for 2020. You won’t regret it.

Thank you so much to Sarah Mather at Titan Books for sending me this copy to review. 

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