Reaper of Souls – Rena Barron ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Arrah is back!


After so many years yearning for the gift of magic, Arrah has the one thing she’s always wanted – but it came at too steep a price. Now the last surviving witchdoctor, she’s been left to pick up the shattered pieces of a family that betrayed her, a kingdom plunged into chaos, and a love that can never be.

While Arrah returns to the tribal lands to search for survivors of the demons’ attack, her beloved Rudjek hunts down the remnants of the demon army – and uncovers a plot that would destroy what’s left of their world.

The Demon King wants Arrah, and if she and Rudjek can’t unravel his schemes, he will destroy everything, and everyone, standing in his way.

In this roaring sequel to Kingdom of Souls, Rena Barron weaves a tale of mythology, love, whip-fast action and trademark twists that asks the question: can you ever leave your past, and your ancestors, behind?

I have been waiting for what feels like forever to see where Kingdom of Souls would lead after the ending. Rudjek and Arrah who have such feelings for each other but are unable to touch because of Rudjeks craven abilities. Arrah, finally has magic to wield because of the sacrifice of the chieftains to bring about Efiya’s demise.

There is clearly a struggle within Arrah for her feelings for Rudjek and the way the end of KoS played out. They avoid each other and ignore signs of impending danger around the kingdom. Arrah just wants to go back to her fathers shop and feel some semblance of normality but people look at her in fear because of her newly acquired powers and the fact she looks so much like her mother Arti. People in the temple are asking her to take up her mother’s role and become the new ka-priestess as she is the only one with magic and potentially, the only one to keep Rudjek’s father in line.

Arrah settles back into her life in her father’s shop while the demon king still whispers to her. Having the chieftains ka’s interwoven with her own, allows her to see rituals and spells which may help her to fend him off. She prepares several defences such as a bone necklace, blood magic potion and sachets of herbs but will that be enough?

Meanwhile Rudjek and his craven guardians are fending off demons that are hiding within the city. This is both to save people from the demons influences/murderous streak and to also train Rudjek in his new abilities. They know something is going on as more and more demons are being spotted. Rudjek also has other companions in the form of Orisha’s. Most notably with Re’Mec the sun god.

The amount of times reading this book that I thought I could see what’s coming and have been completely wrong is mind-blowing. The twists and turns are just brilliant. You’re kept on your toes throughout the whole story and DAMN are some of the twists jaw-dropping. Rena has such a brilliant way of writing and sucking you in to the story that you are much like the characters and have no foresight to what’s going on.

Arrah has come into her own with her ability to reach magic but she is still holding on to the hope of a relationship with Rudjek. She knows the demon king wants her and is struggling to keep him at bay. With Efiya gone, Arrah is the next person to use to unleash him on the world but Arrah isn’t sure whether the demon king is as bad as people say. I’m on the fence with him, the things he does are bad, he’s doing them for love but is that enough to justify his actions? I don’t know.

I love the chapters from Dimma’s perspective, it provides an insight into the demon king’s past and how they all have arrived at the current situation. We learn why the unnamed orisha is unnamed, some shocking truths and heartbreaking news. It’s a rollercoaster of a story and I cannot wait to get the third instalment. That ending! Rena!

It feels like there won’t be a happy ending for our characters, the way the story is building will surely lead to disaster. Another brilliant and totally encapsulating story from Rena Barron and if you’ve not read Kingdom of Souls or Reaper of Souls, where have you been?!

A brilliant, brilliant sequel.

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